The purpose of activity SRI of Ecology is planning, the organization and maintenance of scientific researches in the field of ecology and environmental preservations, preparation of the highly skilled scientific staff, development and introduction of research results in corresponding branches of manufacture and educational process of the biological, chemical and geographical faculties, directed on rise and stabilization of economy of Republic Kazakhstan.
      The objective of SRI EP are
  • carrying out fundamental and applied researches in the field of ecology and the environmental preservation;
  • creation of new technics, ecologically pure technologies and materials;
  • participation in designing and development of scientific-technical programs and projects, plans of scientific-research and developmental works;
  • assistance in preparation of the highly skilled scientific staff and experts;
  • the organization of scientific-technical and technical and economic examination of carrying out of scientific researches in SRIEP , revealing of the completed applied researches for the further practical development of scientific production and maintenance of patent cleanliness of scientific development.

    Research Institute of Ecology conducts scientific conferences, scientific seminars, where participants may discuss topical problems of ecology and environmental protection. 

                                    Anniversary decade dedicated to the celebration
                                   of the 80th anniversary of the al-Farabi KazNU
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                                    IV International Student Forum
                                 "Green Bridge across the generations"
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                                    V Eurasian Economic Youth Forum
                                "Dialogue of Civilizations: Green Economy"
                             Yekaterinburg (Russia)
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