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1. Head of Laboratory - doctor in Biology Sciences, professor Sabir Nurtazin Temirgalievich


e-mail: Sabyr.nurtazin@kaznu.kz 


2.Main research areas of the laboratory

Fundamental and applied research in the field of comparative morphology of animals, population biology and ecology. The mapping of land and water (aquatic) ecosystems and landscapes using Earth remote sensing (ERS) and GIS technologies. The zonal regionalization of plant communities on the basis of satellite images and field surveys. Ichthyology studies of reservoirs of republican values in order to determine the species composition of modern structural and population indices of commercial fish species.


3.Main results of activities

1 Aiman Imentai, Niels Thevs, Sebastian Schmidt. Sabir Nurtazin, Salmurzauly R. Vegetation, fauna, and biodiversity of the Ile Delta and southern Lake Balkhash // Journal of Great Lakes Research. – 2015. – Vol. 41 (3). – P. 688-696.

2 Salmurzauly R., Sabir Nurtazin, Buho Hoshino, Niels Thevs, A. B. Yeszhanov, Aiman Imentai. Transformation of the Ili Delta Ecosystems Related to the Runoff Control of the Ile-Balkhash Basin Rivers // CSWRM 2015: 18th International Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Management (July 13-14, Stockholm. Sweden). – 2015. – P. 3225.

3 Burdelov L.A., Eszhanov А.В., Hughes N., Nurtazin S.T., Herwig Leirs, Baibagyssov A.M. Preliminary prospects of assessment using telemetry in the study of gerbils’ mobility in natural plague focus // International Journal of Biology and Chemistry. – 2015. – №2. – P. 85-89.

4 Yeszhanov A.B., Nurtazin S.T., Salmurzauli R., Atshabar B.B., Belayev A.I. The role of camels in the epizootiology of plague in Kazakhstan // 4th Сonference of isocard “Silk road camel: the camelids, main stakes for sustainable development (Almaty 8-12 June). – 2015. – P. 268-270.

5 Нуртазин С.Т., Салмурзаулы Р., Нильс Тивс., Икласов М.К., Байбагысов А.М., Мухитдинов А.М., Мирасбек Е.А. Причины и тенденции трансформации экосистем дельты реки Иле // Вестник КазНУ, серия экологическая. – 2016. – №1 (46). – С. 105-118.

6 Салмурзаулы Р., Нуртaзин С.Т., Мухитдинов A.М., Икласов М.К. Использование дистантных методов мониторинга загрязнения поверхностных вод бассейна реки Иле // Вестник КазНУ, серия экологическая. – 2016. – №2 (47). – С. 69-79.

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4.Scientific cooperation with international and domestic organizations

- Rakuno Gakuen University (Saporo, Japan)

- Greifswald University (Greifswald, Germany);

- University of Cumbria (Carlisle, UK);

- Michigan State University (Michigan, USA).