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Fundamental researches

 Research projects carried out as part of the state order of the Committee of Science RK 055 to the budget program "Scientific and / or scientific-technical activities", the routine 101 "Grant funding for research":

  • Defining characteristics of spring runoff lowland rivers of Kazakhstan. S. Davletgaliyev;
  • Bioremediation of various waste waters from heavy metals based on application of phyto-alge-cyanobacterial consortia. Supervisor Dr. R. Alybayeva;
  • Development of technology of reclamation of the alkaline saline soils by elemental sulfur. Supervisor Dr. K. Kubenkulov;
  • Development of the economic mechanism of solving the problem of pollution buffer zones municipal solid wastes of the cities (for example Almaty city). Supervisor Dr. Z. Kaliaskarova;
  • The development of biotechnological methods of microbial enhanced oil recovery based on the effective microbial consortium with high target activities. Supervisor Dr. A. Zhubanova; 
  • Study of hydrocarbon-oxidizing potential of microorganisms from the Caspian Sea water area to create drugs for bioremediation. Supervisor Dr. A. Goncharova;
  • Development method on yeast and bacterial conversion of solid wastes from plant processing raw material into biologically active semifinished products impregnated with microbial protein. Supervisor Dr. A. Kistaubayeva;  
  • Assessment of erosive hazard degree of mountain and submountain territories of Southeastern Kazakhstan considering impact of natural and anthropogenic factors. Supervisor Dr. K. Duskayev;
  • Enhancing the stability of pit walls by strengthening and hardening slope benches. Supervisor Dr. H. Kassymkanova;
  • The floods and the threat of flooding of riverine areas of Kazakhstan. Supervisor Dr. R. Galperin; 
  • Study of the mutagenic, antimutagenic and antioxidant potential of biologically active compounds of natural origin. Supervisor Dr. S. Kolumbayeva;
  • The study of trace element composition, physiological and biochemical characteristics of rice (Oryza sativa L.) under cadmium  polluted conditions to identify promising   rice varieties for cultivation in ecologically unfavorable regions of Kazakhstan. Supervisor Dr. S. Atabayeva;
  • Investigation of the genetic potential of the spring wheat resistance to heavy metals for the development of clean growing technology in contaminated soils. Supervisor Dr. R. Alybayeva; 
  • Investigation of functional properties of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts from fermented milks of Kazakhstan. Supervisor Dr. A. Baubekova;
  • Physiological and biochemical criteria for resistance to abiotic environmental factors of winter wheat  genotypes of wild, cultural and introgression forms. Supervisor Dr. T. Tazhibayeva; 
  • Toxic-ecological study of the environmental condition of the oil-producing regions of Kazakhstan and assessment of environmental risk of oil exposure. Supervisor Dr. T. Shalakhmetova; 
  • Development of “Green” economy in the regions of Kazakhstan: potential, tendencies, perspectives. Supervisor Dr. R. Sagiyeva; 
  • Conceptual model of revitalization of rural areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the development of Agrotourism. Supervisor Dr. S.Yerdavletov; 
  • Study of genetic and biochemical mechanisms underlying the synthesis of natural rubber from Tau-saghyz (Scorzonera tau-saghyz) to produce genetically improved plants that are characterized by increased content of natural rubber and productivity. Supervisor Dr. K. Boguspayev;
  • Development of a method of objectification expert estimates of the contribution of individual sources of pollution in general ecological situation of territory. Supervisor Dr. L. Pavlichenko;
  • Introduction of a new model system Brachypodium distachyon L. in breeding practice in order to enhance stability of cereals to biotic environmental factors. Supervisor Dr. N. Omirbekova.