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Fundamental researches
Research projects carried out as part of the state order of the Committee of Science RK 055 to the budget program "Scientific and / or scientific-technical activities", the routine 101 "Grant funding for research":
  • «Study on influence of mycorize mushrooms on biochemical mechanisms of stability and accumulation of heavy metals (Zn, Cd) in galophyte and glycophyte plants». Supervisor Dr. K. Boguspayev;
  • «Study on the level of accumulation of new generation of pesticides phenylpyrazoles in environmental objects and their influences on organisms with the purpose of ecological rationing» Supervisor Dr. S. Kolumbayeva, Dr. A. Kalimagambetov;
  • «Basics of the relationship of associative microorganisms-destructors with plants and modeling of hydrocarbons biodegradation in contaminated soils». Supervisor Dr. T. Mukasheva;
  • «Establishment of domestic collection for the food and heirloom pumpkins for breeding and phytoremediation of Kazakhstan soils contaminated by pesticides». Supervisor Dr. Z. Aitasheva, Dr. A. Nurzhanova;
  • «Determinant of Kazakhstan plants» (in Kazakh). Supervisor Dr. Aralbay, Dr. A. Kuatbayev;
  • «Molecular genetic study of metal resistance of wheat genotypes to identify the forms, promising for cultivation in the East Kazakhstan region». Supervisor Dr. R. Alybayeva;
  • «Research of the state of plant communities and structural-biochemical features of adaptation of plants growing in areas contaminated by xenobiotics for the purpose of use them for phytoremediation». Supervisor Dr. S. Aidossova;
  • «Effect оf Recreational Activities for the Mojor Plant Communities within Zailiysky Alatau Ile-Alatau National Park». Supervisor Dr. S. Nesterova;
  • «Geoecological evaluation of technological systems, mining and metallurgical complex of Kazakhstan». Supervisor Dr. R. Bekseitova;
  • «Current oil and gas relief-forming processes in areas of western Kazakhstan». Supervisor Dr. A. Koshim;
  • «Scientific bases of optimization of use of natural resources and maintenance of steady development in conditions of change of a climate». Supervisor Dr.V. Cherednichenko;
  • «Workout of geographic bases of water security of the Republic of Kazakhstan in terms of climate and anthropogenic changes in river water». Supervisor Dr. R. Galperin;
  • «The study of formation and disappearance of stable snow cover in northern Kazakhstan in the global climate change, according to ground-and space monitoring». Supervisor Dr. V. Salnikov;
  • «Development of the methodological foundations of GIS (Geographic Information System) technology on geography and spatial analysis to create adaptive - the landscape of agriculture in Kazakhstan». Supervisor Dr. N. Kerimbay;
  • «Develop microbiological methods of improvement of reclamative efficiency of elemental sulfur for lime-saline soils of alluvial bench of the Northern Tian-Shan». Supervisor Dr. K. Kubenkulov;
  • «Search for and study of protectors against toxic and mutagenic effect of environmental pollutants». Supervisor Dr. S. Kolumbayeva;
  • «Development of unified methods of aqueous systems biological testing». Supervisor Dr. I. Zharkova;
  • «Environmental evaluation of man-made factors effect on mesofauna of Pavlodar area Irtysh river zone and development of bioindicative and indicative factors». Supervisor Dr. A. Bigaliyev;
  • «Development of new methods of evaluation and bioremediation of polluted aqueous systems based on the test strains and consortiums of micro-alga». Supervisor Dr. B. Zayadan;
  • «Kazakhstan in the system of the new geopolitical and regional transformation in Central Asia». Supervisor Dr. Sh. Nadyrov;
  • «To develop system of territorial zoning and planning of target use and protection of earth resources of different categories, as bases of the state land management and a cadastre in market mechanism management of natural resources of the Republic of  Kazakhstan» (on materials of Almaty oblast and cities of Almaty and Taldykorgan)». Supervisor Dr. Zh. Seifullin;
  • «Integrated study of tourist and recreational potential of the region Alakol for development of recreation and tourism». Supervisor Dr. S. Yerdavletov;
  • «Development of geographical basics of analysis of social and demographic indicators of human development of the Republic of Kazakhstan using well logging survey technologies». Supervisor Dr. G. Nyusupova;
  • «Development of the concept of regional development and areal arrangement of inland tourism in the Republic of Kazakhstan». Supervisor Dr. S. Yerdavletov;
  • «Development of the basics of land reclamation and improvement of plants productivity using associative systems of soil micro- and algal flora». Supervisor Dr. S. Dzhokebayeva;
  • «Development and study of mutagenic lines of wheat for identification of its valuable forms in terms of selectivity and new alleles of genes controlling the key adaptive properties». Supervisor Dr. S. Kenzhebayeva;
  • «Development of agricultural plants resistant to heavy metals ions and salinization for cultivation of saline soils polluted with heavy metals». Supervisor Dr. S. Atabayeva;
  • «Development of biological technologies for production and application of higher plant micronutrient fertilizer controlling nitrogenous metabolism for improvement of resistance to stress and productivity of food crops». Supervisor Dr. A. Erezhepov;
  • «Phytochemical and structural study of Climocoptera plants and halophytes of Kazakhstan, development of substances on the basis thereof». Supervisor Dr. Aydosova S.S., Dr. N. Akhtayeva;
  • «Development of biological technology for massing of Stevia, which is the source of natural substitute for sugar for its use in production sphere of the Republic of Kazakhstan». Supervisor Dr. S. Asrandina;
  • «Assessment of risk of continuing growth of Libyan jird number and development of measures for land reclamation – new rodentgenic type of desertisation in southern Kazakhstan». Supervisor Dr. R. Mirzadinov;
  • «Study of effect exerted by the Caspian fuel and power generating sector on biota». Supervisor Dr. T. Shalakhmetova;
  • «Development of methods, models and geological information technologies of analysis of trends in the processes of desertisation and its forecasting in the Republic of Kazakhstan». Supervisor Dr. V. Salnikov;
  • «A comprehensive study of biologically active substances extracted from Kazakhstan plants and microalgae to create a multicomponent preparations for correction of diabetes complications«. Supervisor Dr. T. Karpenyuk.

 Together with other research organizations conducted research:

1) Ensuring safekeeping and development of funds of plants, animals, microorganisms and viruses funds and unique genetic banks as the basis for fundamental research (Dr. B. Zayadan);
2) Development and replenishment of microorganism collections using modern technologies of storage and genetic typing (Dr. I. Savitskaya).