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Expert group meeting of the party "Nur Otan"

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Expert group meeting of the party "Nur Otan" 21.02.2014 12:34

Contribution of science tothe "green" economy!

     In March, members of the Research Institute of Ecology KazNU together with Belarusian colleagues embarked on experiments to study the state of winter wheat. Before sowing, the seeds were treated with special microfertilizers - a unique preparation obtained by Kazakh scientists.

      With no analogs in the world, environmentally friendly, "green" technology allows farmers to manage without the use of expensive fertilizers based on phosphorus and other chemicals. Moreover, Kazakhstan micronutrients significantly increase (30-40%) yield of grain crops and their resistance to various phytopathogenic diseases and weather fluctuations.

    This was stated in Astana, on the expert group meeting of the party "Nur Otan" by the Director of the Institute of Ecology Aizhan Skakova. In addition to this development, in terms of small business development in rural areas, it would be very attractive to use the biotechnology of mass reproduction of stevia - a natural sweetener, which is very important for diabetics, proposed by Research Institute of Ecology. Also a lot of interest was caused by the message about obtaining of mutant strains of wheat and other crops that are not susceptible to drought and other natural anomalies. According to the Director Skakova, these and many other scientific developments obtained by Kazakh scientists raised a great interest of Chinese entrepreneurs who are willing to buy the rights to their use. However, first of all, this opportunity should be given to the domestic business, and it is also necessary to establish a "science - production" mechanism.

It should be noted that the party meeting was specifically devoted to issues of involving agriculture business in "green" projects. Mazhilis deputy, a member of the party "Nur Otan" Aigul Solovyova: "green projects" are the niche in which a small business, such as a farm- greenhouse, can exert forces. And here we show the mechanisms and instruments possible for them to achieve this. We suggest ways in which they can develop further".

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