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Types of work on hand:

  • Development of environmental standards development projects regarding environmental emissions limits (EEL), maximum permissible discharges (MPD), waste management.

  •  Development of environmental projects regarding in the atmosphere of cites (summary EEL volumes).

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on different stages of development and realization of the projects in accordance with established procedure.

  • Ecological audit of the enterprises, conducting of special observations for revelation of current environmental status.

  • Development of ecological programs for regions and enterprises.

  • Development of ecological control and industrial monitoring programs.

  • Control of radiation situation on Kazakhstan’s territory (beta-, gamma-spectrometric researches of construction material samples, fuel, water, soil and other subjects of environment).

  • Development of specialized environmental GID, data bases, automatic informational systems.

  • Ecological zoning of the territories.

  • Analytical work on the definition of the degree of contamination of different natural environments:

         - soil;

         - natural waters;

         - sewage;

         - sediment.

  • Conduct analytical work to assess the effectiveness of biological products for cleaning oil-contaminated areas;

  • Environmental monitoring using a bioassay.

  • Bioremediation of oil-contaminated areas.

  • Wastewater enterprises.

  • Holding of seminars and conferences devoted to environmental problems.



       Deputy director for Science, Candidate of biological sciences Yernazarova Aliya. K.

       +7 (727) 225 79 35; aliya.yernazarova@gmail.com


       Manager Svanbekova Asel K.

       +7 (727) 377 31 50; nii.eco@nur.kz